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Equal Partners current observations on financial turbulence

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Where are we now? Equal Partners is questioning the wisdom of old habits. No amount of cheap credit can stop people falling ill. Monetary policy cannot repair broken supply chains.

For companies the big challenge will be liquidity. In 2 years Gilts are only yielding 2%, which we find totally bizarre. So, a massive contraction in spending across the world. Governments stimulus will be only largely intellectual. Where is your business (soon) when the pack of cards falls?

Where is you business?

Where is your business (soon) when the pack of cards fall?

Today, 9 March 2020, we saw the worst day since 2008. Trading algorithms now seem to rule our lives and have undoubtedly added to precipitation of the trading crisis.

Implications are dramatic

This appears to have been an accident waiting to happen... and one which is now arriving. But, you cannot self-isolate your business. What value (now) does anything have in a fire sale to survive.

So where now?

So where now? Are there positives to be taken from the economic downturn?

Are there any positives to be taken from amidst the doom and gloom that we now appear to be observing in the financial markets? We here believe that businesses will inevitably have to plan for the future and rethink their long term business plan to carefully navigate impending financial hurdles. However, assuming one takes a proactive and diligent approach to recognise early these challenges, markets will inevitably recover and we believe there will be new and exciting opportunities if only one positions themselves to identify and take advantage of these.

Equal Partners is here to help you strategise

Equal Partners provides complete corporate solutions and is keenly invested itself in a wide range of different sectors. With our knowledge of these sectors we are uniquely positioned to help your business plan for the future and take sensible steps to mitigate the affects occurrent financial turbulence.

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