Equal Partners
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Company Profile

Equal Partners UK has now been running for almost 20 years.  The company initially provided Independent Financial Advice, for which it won a number of awards.  It was featured in Bloomberg, Radio 4 and BBC.  Vivienne Starkey, one of the founders of the company won Best Financial Advisor IFA of the Year 2000 and Protection IFA of the Year 2000.

Equal Partners UK has now moved away from providing Independent Financial Advice to the provision of Management Consultancy services and the making of private investments.  It now undertakes all work associated with structuring deals from corporate planning, company acquisitions and due diligence to investing in and being an active participant in projects itself by providing project finance and undertaking joint Ventures.

Equal Partners has a progressive and outward looking approach and realises we live in a Global economy.  Its partnerships and interests span across Europe and has partnerships in many European countries, including Austria and Zurich.  The company is in the progress of re-establishing an office in the City of London.


Corporate Planning

Equal Partners will provide all the back up for your business needs ranging from structuring a business plan to optimising business processes and more

Fund Raising

Equal Partners can assist in a company achieving its financing requirements 

from private investors, angel investors, private equity companies through to traditional financing.  It also has its own associates who are constantly on the look out for deals with superior returns.

Mining & Real Estate

We have a keen interest in commercial and residential real estate development opportunities and work to structure deals around this with a speciality focus on mining projects and ongoing restoration of quarries

Overseas Trade

Equal Partners has connections with many European companies through its sister companies and associate companies and banks to facilitate overseas deals and investment in the UK

Due Diligence

Equal Partners has wide expertise in relation to conducting due diligence for company acquisitions and mergers.  We can help plan corporate structures and can produce reports in relation target companies

Investment Funds

Our back up services for investment funds include prospectus writing, production of investor literature and support with listing requirements and process for the LSE and AIM markets


1999      Equal Partners was set up as a partnership by William and                 Vivienne Starkey in 1999 and Vivienne Starkey was already                  personally authorised as an IFA.

2000      Equal Partners UK Limited was incorporated as a Limited                                    company

2000      Vivienne Starkey of Equal Partners UK won awards for Best Financial Advisor IFA of

              the Year 2000 and Protection IFA of the Year 2000

2001       Equal Partners UK Limited obtained authorisation by the                                   Financial Conduct Authority

2006       Equal Partners UK celebrated 5 years as an Independent Financial Adviser

2007      Equal Partners UK transformed into a private family investment vehicle

2010 Equal Partners UK begins to offer corporate services to select clients

2018 Equal Partners UK ramps up investment activity, expands into new markets and      

         offers an enhanced range of corporate services

Overseas Associated Business
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  • Advisory and Educational - Transferring East European Businesses to a a capitalist system post 1989

  • Assisting with large re-organisations of businesses

  • Assisting with new business plans to accommodate Western banks requirements

  • Re-evaluation of Management Structures

  • Acquisition or joint ventures between East European and Western businesses

Previously Equal Partners UK worked with a number of initiatives and businesses namely East European Partners, which was a sister venture, which was set up in conjunction with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Knowhow Fund. It was primarily concerned with:​​​​​

- Equal Partners UK Says
“In a post Brexit economy one one size does not fit all”